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Empire Cinema Arar

Project Summary

The cinema sector in Saudi Arabia has started attracting international brands following a call by the Development Investment Entertainment Company (DIEC) to develop the cinema sector in Saudi Arabia. The Empire Cinema decided to expand to Arar by constructing a new venue comprising 7 Theaters, 790 seats, and over the area of 1,800sqm. 



Saudi Arabia, Arar


Construction – Entertainment

Procuring Authority

Empire Cinema

Main Contractor


Project Company Obligations

MEP Works- supply, Install and Testing

Financial Close

Between 2020 and 2022

Project Value

3,760,000 SR

Contract Duration

8 months

Key Events

Delay in the construction of steel structures due to re-design

Project information:

EMPIRE Cinema at Arar Mall - (2020-2021).............998,100$


Empire Cinema

Area & Capacity:

1081 ㎡ with 790 Total Seats and 7 Theaters

Main Contractor

M/s. Nesma / Imar JV


DNA International S.A.L. (Offshore)

Total electro-mechanical completion works


Planning & management


Electrical & Mechanical works

  • Supply & Installation of first, and second fix Materials
  • Installation of Main equipment delivered by the Main contractor
  • Testing & commissioning the whole systems.


  • Issuance of shop drawing when required. The shop drawing production was part of Nesma-IMAR
  • Submission and approval of material submittals.
  • Submission of As-built drawings and close-out documents

Project deliverables

Main Contractor

  • Development and submission of Shop drawings
  • Material Submission (Main equipment)
  • Engineer approval of submittals.
  • Purchase and delivery of (Main Equipment)
  • Handover of the MEP systems.


  • Material Submission (first & second fix)
  • Procurement (order of material).
  • First Fix Installations for HVAC, firefighting, plumbing, electrical and Low current systems.
  • Second Fix Installations for HVAC, firefighting, plumbing, electrical and Low current systems.
  • Final Fix Installations for HVAC, firefighting, plumbing, electrical and Low current systems.
  • Final Testing and commission of the MEP systems.
  • Installation of Metered RMU SM6, 13.8KV, 630A, 3-Way (1xDM1-A + 2xIM) MRMU as per SEC Standard.
  • Installation of Medium Voltage Switchgear SM6, 13.8KV, 630A, 21kA/1Sec 7-Column (6xDM1-A + 1xCM).
  • Installation Cast Resin Transformer TRIHAL Type 1600KVA (3No.) & 1000KVA (1 No.).

Project requirements analysis


Develop the project plan; scope statement, WBS, schedule, resources, cost, risks, communication, and quality plans as per the following sections


Perform the project design and execution method statement in order to plan the project.


As per the project management plan, and the design, the materials procurement should start to provide the materials required to start installation

Execution & Testing

As per the project master schedule and the project plan, the site team should start installation and deliver zones on time.

After installation is completed the systems shall be tested in presence of the suppliers, consultant and contractor

Testing, Snag-list, Close-out

After completion of the works, the client will issue a Snag-list items for items to be modified before the final handing over of the project

Close the project by handing over the required documents by the client.

Performance Monitoring and KPIS

The project manager has monitored the project performance through the relevant KPIs. We have adopted the following KPIs to monitor the performance of Empire cinema, Arar:


  • # Earned man-hours: measures the total man-hours corresponding to the completed work. We have achieved a threshold of 150%, which falls into the green category >100%
  • % Delivery deadlines met: Measures the percentage of service delivery requests that AlWedad met on time out of the total delivery requests. The delivery deadline met ratio is 85% which falls into the Green category >80%
  • % Project resource utilization: Measures the percentage of resources dedicated for the project, expressed in man-hours, that are used out of the total resources allocated.
  • # Schedule performance index (SPI): Measures the value of work accomplished for each monetary unit of work performed, expressed as the budget cost of work completed to the budget cost of work scheduled. Our SPI for this project is 1.02 (Yellow: 1-1.2)
  • # Cost schedule index (CSI): Measures the likelihood of recovery for late and over-budget projects. Our CSI for this project falls into Red zone. The project overruns have incurred additional costs.

Project organizational chart

Project Timeline

Project resource histogram

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