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Multi-Story Car Parking In KAIA

Project Summary

The Multi-Story car park is a part of the leading project of King Abdul Aziz International Airport-Jeddah. The build p area of the buildings is 250,000 m².

Engineering, Shop-drawings, Technical Submittals, mobilization, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning, As-built drawings, Operation, Maintenance manuals, Startup, spare parts, training, and a one-year warranty from preliminary handover, for the electrical and mechanical systems HVAC, Plumbing & Fire Protection. 



General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA)

Main Contractor



Dar Al Handasah


Jeddah, KSA

Scope of work

Total electro-mechanical work

Project duration


Contract Value




The Mechanical system scope of works shall include the supply and installation but not limited to the following:

  1.  A/C equipment, including all accessories.
  2.  Chilled water supply, including piping, pumps, and related accessories from interface points up to all the mechanical rooms.
  3.  Ductwork and related accessories from mechanical rooms’ air handling units up to all served zones, including supply and installation of grilles/diffusers in coordination with false ceiling.
  4.  Kitchen and toilets ventilation systems via dedicated fans and ductwork for served zones up to termination points.
  5.  Smoke Management System via dedicated smoke fans and ductwork.
  6.  Building Management System.
  7.  The Rainwater piping system,
  8.  Drainage piping system.
  9.  The Waste drainage system includes Sumbirsible pumps with all related accessories.
  10.  The domestic water supply system includes cold and hot water supply piping to various plumbing fixtures and toilet components, including water heaters, booster & circulating pumps, sanitary fixtures, and fittings.
  11.  Grey water system.
  12.  Irrigation system including network, storage, pumping, and treatment as deemed necessary.
  13.  Fire protection system including fire pumps and fire protection network involving riser standpipes, fire hose cabinets (Class I & Class III), fire extinguishers, inlet department connections, automatic wet sprinklers, FM200, deluge, and preaction Systems.
  14.  The ventilation system includes fans, ductwork, and relevant accessories.
  15.  The stair pressurization system includes ductwork and relevant accessories.
  16.  All types of interceptors.


The Electrical system scope of works shall include the supply and installation but not limited to the following:

  1.  Secondary Unit Substations.
  2.  LV power distribution networks.
  3.  Power Factor Correction Units.
  4.  Static Uninterruptible power supply units (UPSs).
  5.  Emergency Central Battery Systems (ECBs).
  6.  Low Voltage Sub Distribution Boards (SDBs) and Branch-Circuit Panelboards (ELPs and EPPs).
  7.  Motor Starters and Motor Control Centres (MCCs).
  8.  Low Voltage Cables and Wires.
  9.  Raceways, Conduits, Cable Trays, and accessories.
  10.  Wiring Devices.
  11.  Lighting Installations and Control.
  12.  Grounding Systems.
  13.  Lightning Protection Systems.
  14.  The local SCADA system includes downstream control raceways, wiring for the Medium Voltage equipment, and upstream interface/connection to the Load Centres SCADA system.
  15.  Seismic Restraint system.
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