Luna Project Al-Kharj

Project Brief


Client:                              MIC Corporation


Main Contractor:          Arabian Gulf Co.

Consultant:                  DORSCH International Consultants / KHATIB & ALAMI

Location:                       Al-Kharj, KSA

Scope of work:            Total electro-mechanical work

Project duration:          2015 - 2018

Contract Value:             18,000,000$

Project Details


The project under the MIC responsibility and part of its plan to develop local production capabilities with the assistance of German specialized company named EMT.

Scope of project:

The scope of project is to produce parts for military use. Which its construction consists of Main Buildings (factory & Training Center) and Service Buildings (Truck Wash & Service Block) with Security Gates (Main & Secondary). With total build up area of 70263 m²

Significant Installation:


HVAC System:

  • Installation of Chilled water system to obtain cooling for the main buildings with total capacity of 788 TR
  • Installing of Crack Units to obtain Cooling in IT & Control Rooms.

Plumbing System:

  • Installing of Domestic Water Pumps to service all Wet Area of the Project.
  • Installing of Drinking Water Pumps to service Kitchens & Cafeterias Areas in Main Buildings.
  • Installing of Truck Wash Pumps.
  • Installing of Irrigation Pumps for serving all external Landscape.
  • Installing of all Toilet Fixtures & Accessories of all Buildings (Main / Secondary & Service building).

Fire Fighting System:

  • Installing of Fire Pumps Sets (Diesel / Electric & jockey) for protecting Main Building with total capacity of 1000 GPM with a head of 13.5 Bar
  • Installing of Novec System & FM-200 for IT & Control Rooms in Main Buildings.
  • Installing of Automatic Fire Extinguisher in Generator Room.
  • Installing of Fire Hydrant for the External Area.



Medium Voltage:

  • Installation of Metered RMU SM6, 13.8KV, 630A, 3-Way (1xDM1-A + 2xIM) MRMU as per SEC Standard.
  • Installation of Medium Voltage Switchgear SM6, 13.8KV, 630A, 21kA/1Sec 7-Column (6xDM1-A + 1xCM).
  • Installation Cast Resin Transformer TRIHAL Type 1600KVA (3No.) & 1000KVA (1 No.).

Low Voltage:

  • Installation of Prime Generator 2250 KW, 60Hz, 400V.
  • Installation of MDB's (Prisma Plus P) & SMDB's (Prisma Plus P) & MSP's (Prisma Plus P) & ATS's & LP's (Disbo Raw) & PP's (Disbo Raw)
  • Installation of Low Voltage & Medium Voltage Cable XLPE/PVC
  • Installation of Duct Bank – Underground.
  • Installation of Low Voltage Feeder Busway.
  • Installation of Lighting Fixture (Interior & Exterior)
  • Installation of Wiring Devices.
  • Installation of Disconnect Switch.
  • Installation of Grounding System & Lightning Protection system.
  • Installation of Uninterruptible power supply.

Low Current:

  • Installation of CCTV (IP) Security system
  • Installation of Fire Alarm & Emergency Communication System.
  • Installation of BMS (Building management system).
  • Installation of Audio Visual system.
  • Installation Data and Voice Cabling system, Communications Backbone Cabling, Communications Equipment Room Fittings
  • Installation of Access Control system.
  • Installation of Intrusion system.

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