Fuel Farm Office & Technical Building @ KAIA Jeddah

Project Brief

Client:                                General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA)

Main Contractor:          SAUDI BIN LADIN GROUP.

Consultant:                     Dar Al Handasah

Location:                          Jeddah KSA

Scope of work:              Total electro-mechanical work

Project duration:          2015 - 2017

Contract Value:             4,000,000$

Project Information


Fuel farm project is a part of the main project of King Abdul Aziz International Airport-Jeddah. Technical building located on the South-West corner the Fuel Farm Plot, farthest from the fuel storages (well clearing the blast radius of 153m) and close to the main access gate , include the main electrical room supply electricity to fuel farm facilities ,also we have control & server room for monitoring , controlling purpose and administration offices . The build area of the buildings is 2000 m².

Scope of project:

Complete MEP works inside building and External underground Networks which serving the buildings. The scope is not limited to engineering studies and submittals like shop drawings, material selection and submittals, AS-Built drawings and OMM manuals for equipment.

Electrical works

  • Supply, Install and test of Low voltage cables.
  • Supply, Install and test of Panel boards.
  • Installation of Lighting points.
  • Supply and installation of Lighting Control System.
  • Supply and installation of Central Battery System.
  • Supply and installation of disconnect switches, socket outlets .
  • Supply and installation of cable trays & trunks.
  • Supply and installation Grounding & Lightning system.
  • Testing of all electrical works.

Plumbing works

  • Supply, installation and testing of underground foul water drainage (FWD) pipe complete with fitting and accessories.
  • Drainage and water supply piping works.
  • Supply and installation plumbing valves.
  • Supply and installation water heaters.

Fire works

  • Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Fire Fighting Piping system complete with fittings (Under & above ground).
  • Supply and installation fire valves.
  • Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of FM-200 Automatic fire suppression system complete with pipes, fittings, valves and accessories.

HVAC works

  • Supply & Installation of Chilled water pipe complete with fittings and accessories for under and above ground.
  • Supply & Installation of condensate pipe with insulation.
  • Supply and installation hvac valves.
  • Supply and installation of Air Handling Units complete with valves and accessories.
  • Supply and installation of Sensible cooling Units complete with valves and accessories. (Chilled Water type).
  • Supply and installation of Fan coil Units complete with valves and accessories.
  • Supply and installation of VAV units complete with accessories.
  • Supply and installation of fans complete with accessories.
  • Fabrication, Supply and installation of Galvanized steel duct complete with fittings, supports and accessories.
  • Supply and installation of Dampers.
  • Supply and installation of Airoutlets.
  • Supply and installation of Sound attenuators.
  • Supply and installation of DX units .


Signification Installation:

List all the significant installation of the project with brief description.


  • Installation of power generator with total capacity of 3125
  • Installation of central battery system with total capacity of 16 kva.
  • Installation of PANEL BOARDS with main rating of 1000 Amps
  • Installation of BMS system with total points of 420 points.


The fuel farm project is a challenging project since the project is critical for the operation of King Abdul Azeez International airport in Jeddah which considered essential step with the KINGDOM’S Ambitious Vision 2030.

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